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Based in Scotland, Best Fishing Scotland has an  intimate knowledge of the surrounding rivers, as well as all the best fishing beats and prime locations for a stunning day’s fishing in Scotland.



We like to toast a great day’s fishing with a dram of fine scotch whisky and we know all the best distilleries, so if you fancy a little extracurricular activity – ask us and we can arrange a visit to one of Scotland’s finest distilleries.

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Best Fishing Scotland will tailor your fishing day or tour to suit your budget and the needs of the family and friends who might want to come with you. We are family friendly, so give us a call today for an unforgettable time.

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Local knowledge

Best Fishing Scotland has an intimate knowledge of the rivers across the length and breadth of Scotland.

We offer a comprehensive selection of guided fishing days and tours across Scotland. We can build a package suitable for any individual or fishing party’s requirements, wherever you hail from. Whether you are an lone fishing enthusiast looking for a beautiful escape, a group from America, or a family from just across the border, we can lead you to some of the most magical fishing locations in Scotland.

All fishing equipment, flies, waders and boots supplied.

Personal guides/instructors for each booking - we do not mix groups.

All relevant Fishing Licences and permits taken care of.

Assistance with transport and accommodation as required.

Whether you are a Beginner or Advanced, we can teach to all levels and abilities.

Best Fishing Scotland 

The Ultimate Fishing Experience.

To book your ultimate guided fishing day or tour in Scotland, contact Best Fishing Scotland today and we will help you to build a package which suits your budget and your tastes without hesitation. Leave the hard work to Best Fishing Scotland and you will be rewarded with an unrivalled fishing experience and a life-long friend! Just take a look and see what some of our long-standing customers from all over the world say about Best Fishing Scotland.

Salmon and Sea trout


“Spey casters should make an effort to improve their cast because that’s the only part of the process that they have control over”

“We love sea run fish because of the unimaginable size of their lives”


Fly Fishing


“A fly fisher does not need to be taught about Zen”

Individuals – Families – Groups of Friends – Work Colleagues

Best Fishing Scotland


  • Coming from South Africa the fishing experience was a real financial push for me.

    But Standing in the tweed, crystal clear water around me, the odd salmon rising, I realised a profound feeling that can't be explained.
    Thank you so much for one of the most amazing days of my life. A real bucket list experience for me.

    Rob your patience and calm energy really set the tone for the day.

    I apologise for my naivety on the river😊 thank you for all the advice, I am dead keen to keep going and grow as a river fisherman.

    Bill thank you for organising the day out, and Rob I cannot thank you enough for guiding me down the river. I really couldn’t have done it without you.

    You guys have something special on your doorstep, that river has a spiritual charm that really gets you. The beautiful Salmon was the cherry on top of a perfect day.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. Let's hope I can plan another trip in the near future.

  • Hi Bill. I would just like to thank you for a very good day out on the river and in an exceptional place, the peace and tranquility was out of this world, great day out with a brilliant instructor.

    Thank you once again.

    John Hall

  • Hi Bill, just travelling home after a wonderful few days fishing. It was an awesome experience! Our guides Roger, John and Rob were the best. Patient, encouraging and fun to be with. Thank you so much for organising such a great trip,
    All the best,

    Martin & Tim

  • Had a fantastic couple of days fishing with my sons with Bill and his team. Equipment was good quality, locations beautiful and the service was outstanding. Tried euro-nymphing as well as conventional fly fishing. Would happily recommend to others. We even caught a couple of fish!

    Anna - Cambridgeshire

  • I am so happy that Bill Drew was my guide. He brought me to a beautiful, quiet, and historic section, where I was the only person fishing the beat all day. Within minutes, I was catching healthy, wild brown trout and grayling. Bill is a clear and patient teacher, who tailored his approach to fit my interest in European-style nymphing. He is also an entertaining storyteller, and between our conversations and the plenty of fish I landed, this was a truly memorable day. I hope to come back soon to have another go at the massive grayling that broke me off!

    Zane Tuta Denver, Colorado, USA

  • Bill, thanks for sending the Manifesto and the photos. It was an outstanding day on the Tweed and surrounding area. Thank you for being such a fantastic fly fishing guide and tour guide as well. The day could not have been better and we will remember you and the trip always or until our memories fail, whichever comes first!

    George and Debbie Meriwether - USA

  • Thank you again for such an enjoyable morning’s fishing. You really go out of your way to teach the technical aspects, but also the wider context. It’s really engaging and I genuinely can’t have hoped for a better introduction to fly fishing.

    Nick and Son - Edinburgh

  • Brilliant day out, what Bill doesn’t know about fishing isn't worth knowing.

    Alex - Harrogate

  • Bill is a fantastic guide, with an immense amount of knowledge of the local area and of course the art of Euro nymphing. He has a great sense of humour and will tell you many a story. We had the water to ourselves and the day went by so fast. I highly recommend a day out fishing with Bill

    Ryan - Scotland

  • Together with my five old friends I spent a few great days fly fishing in the beautiful Tweet River in June 2022. An impressive experience where Bill and Roger taught us fly fishing from A-Z with a lot of patience and professional tips.

    But not only the fly fishing was great, we also learned a lot about the nature, the history and the country and people of Scotland. Trips to a brewery, the oldest inhabited house in Scotland and a whiskey brewery made our holiday an unforgettable experience - many thanks Bill!


    Stephan Berger - Switzerland

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